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PMTT Charity Tuk Tuk Ride from the North to South

One and a half years ago, we were contacted by three incredible men who had a novel idea – they wanted to bring a group of friends who were mostly expats working in the Asian Subcontinent to ride Tuk Tuks all around Sri Lanka and conduct charity projects along the way. This initiative followed a trip by 20 friends in 2013 to celebrate the 50th birthday of Nick Sutcliffe by traveling from Chennai to Goa in India riding Tuk Tuks. Along the way, the group of friends had the opportunity to work with various community development groups including a home for children with HIV which deeply impacted them all. At the end of the ride, the group had raised enough funds to build a school in India.

Soon after the trip, they decided to make this an ongoing event and started making plans for a tour in 2015. Having selected Sri Lanka as their new destination, they wanted a local charity partner and the Foundation of Goodness was a perfect fit for their vision. Having spoken to Candiah Giritharan, Alex Longman and Michael Phelps, we at FoG were deeply impressed by their passion for this project and excited to plan the event with them. This made the Foundation one of two charities supported by this initiative, the other being “Food from the Heart” in Singapore.


How the tuk tuk kick-started a fundraising drive

Raising cash to keep a business going is usually a tough task. And to raise money for a good cause – that’s even tougher.

But one group from around Asia has managed to raise hundreds of thousands of US dollars to help pay for the basic needs of rural communities in India and Sri Lanka.

It was done via a tuk tuk journey. That’s a three-wheeled scooter, a common mode of transportation in South Asia.

As part of the Business of Giving series on Asia Business Report, we caught up with the founder of Pimp My Tuk Tuk, based in Singapore.

Produced by Zarina Hussain.

To all those who laid down their lives for a week …


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